Join a Community dedicated to life-long learning

You will learn:

✔How to leverage your DNA to eat, sleep, work and connect better

✔How to boost your memory and learn anything faster

✔How to improve and build a solid relationship with your partner

✔How to be a better parent

✔How to go from a worrier to a warrior

✔How to leverage your DNA to eat, sleep , work and connect better

✔How to define an inspirational identity

✔How to manage your priorities using 4 rituals, 5 habits & 6 hacks

✔How to build mental toughness and emotional resilience

How to fix a broken heart and move on after a break up

2020 vision

Having 2020 vision is about clarity.

At Upgrade Your Life, you will hear from global experts on how to design a compelling future in each of the 8 areas of your life.

These 2 days will shape your whole year, if not your life.

When you attend the event, you will receive the exclusive A Higher Branch Workbook to help you design a life plan for 2020.

This is a full immersive experience, never to be released to the public. You will not find this content anywhere because it is curated in partnership with the speakers.

Does Any of the Statements Resonate?

✔I’m doing well in life but want to learn how to keep reinventing myself

✔I want to outperform my competitors and dominate in my industry

✔I have grand plans, but my energy levels and motivation dives sometimes

✔I have no compelling vision for the future and feel lost sometimes

✔I want to discover my genetic type for better eating, sleeping, and exercising

✔I want to learn the daily rituals and habits that will give me purpose every day

✔I want to learn how to be more mindful and practice meditation

✔I want to learn how to better retain information and learn things faster

✔I want to learn how to resolve/avoid conflict with my partner

✔I want to learn how to be more intimate with my partner

✔I want to know how to raise confident children in a calm home environment

✔I want to inspire and contribute to the people around me

✔I want to make life change but don’t know how or where to start

✔I want to find a new career or a new business that lights me up

✔I have lost the art of making friends and socialising

✔I want to belong to a community that gets me and love what I love

✔I find it difficult sometimes to control negative thoughts and emotions

Life-Long Learning - Fuelled by Fun & Friendship - Powered By Professionals

Messages from Our Community

Upgrade Your Life 2019 gave me a renewed perspective, a practical and pragmatic way to approach goals; it was insightful and expansive in wisdom; it was a sense of belonging amongst a community of likeminded people who made you feel valued; it was a safe space that was kind, caring and nurturing but uplifting, invigorating and exciting all at once.
It wasn’t a conference that was out to sell, it was out to share and spread love and happiness.
SAM BUYL2019 Attendee
A Higher Brnach’s event Upgrade Your Life 2019 transformed the way I operate at work and at home. The clarity and purpose that I got has been transformational.
BERNARDUYL2019 Attendee
I love your system, your idea of conscious rituals, your passion for energy and all that creates it, your honour of health, your conviction for transcending ‘average’ in all key areas of life as a personal obligation, and for your heart, in bringing this life changing education to us so we can all find our wings.
MICHELLEUYL2019 Attendee
This richness of the experience is quite indescribable; the power of the speakers you’ve chosen is off the charts. Wow!! The most wonderful things is that both myself and Rhiannon are sharing this; and it has already changed who we are.
JASNAUYL2019 Attendee
We were not disappointed. We were provoked, entertained, enthralled, educated, inspired, amazed, a little sore! Humbled, strengthened, shaped, surprised, gratified, at times a little weary, uplifted, loved, reconnected… and upgraded!
MartinUYL2019 Attendee
I personally got a lot out of the event which has made me re-evaluate everything. I have a direction and purpose thanks to you and your event. I’m now starting to write the next chapter in my life.
DavidUYL2019 Attendee
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Expert Speakers
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