The elite-performance wellbeing tactics reshaping business success.

90 Minute Session designed exclusively for Upgrade Your Life!

Join Mark Bunn at Upgrade Your Life and Learn his Exclusive Techniques.

In both sport and business, elite performers have a similar formula for success.

Yet from Tiger Woods and Serena Williams to Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington, the tools and tactics for winning the game of business (and life) are constantly changing.

Are you and your team playing your best game? Are you using the latest science in personal performance? Would you like to play faster, smarter, happier and healthier?

This talk is IDEAL FOR: Business leaders, C-suite executives, Senior managers, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, High-performers and leaders of any kind.

LEARN traditional Ayurvedic wisdoms of Health and Happiness. Daily routines, seasonal routines, deeper wisdoms

LEARN How to understand your unique Ayurvedic body type so you can maximise your diet, sleep, work success, relationships, stress management and more

LEARN why many popular fads today, such as Ice baths, saunas, raw food diets, intermitted fasting. Why they are fantastic for certain people at certain times, but why they can be harmful for certain individuals at certain times.
LEARN your Dharma, your life purpose and how to get in tune with it and how to live it. As the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom says, Dharma is the foundation of all life, without that the rest doesn’t really matter.

LEARN why personal health KPI’s are the new benchmark for leadership success
LEARN the 2 minute psychology practice shown to…increase productivity (31%) & sales (37%) boost resilience and drastically reduce burnout & mental health issues
LEARN how to improve brain functioning and reduce anxiety by over 50% through ‘Technologies of Transcendence’
LEARN what the world’s highest performers do differently to the rest

You will not find this content anywhere! Not on YouTube!
Not on any podcast and not even on Mark’s own website!
It is based on Mark’s one-on-one coaching but wholly within the unique Higher Branch “Power of 8” © proprietary framework.

This session will NEVER be released to the public. It contains proprietary content curated by A Higher Branch.

Space is strictly limited. Avoid disappointment book now.

The Mark Bunn Program


2:30PM Mark Bunn Personal Book Signing (VIP and Platinum Ticket holders)

3:00PM Mark Bunn Personal Photo Opportunity (VIP and Platinum Ticket holders)

3:30PM How to understand your unique Ayurvedic body type so you can maximise your diet, sleep, work success, relationships, stress management and more

5:00PM Session Finish

10:00PM Dinner Finish

Space is strictly limited. Avoid disappointment book now.

Why this Event is Different?

Upgrade Your Life is a multi-sensory experience that happens only once a year every January – a time for review, reflection and planning. We are a not for profit event. We never try and sell you anything. Our sole mission is to teach you how to become your own life architect. We simply provide the blueprint.

With most other ‘motivational’ events you might get inspired and learn new ideas – but often this is pointless without a proven system to implement what you learn.

Ultimately, ideas and strategies are pointless if they have no context and a framework that supports your life goals.

Upgrade Your Life is designed around a unique framework that is proprietary to our academy. You may know our speakers and even read their books and heard them talk on YouTube BUT the way they deliver and engage at Upgrade Your Life is unprecedented. It is truly a unique experience you will not get anywhere else.

You will walk away with a level of clarity and confidence you’ve probably never had before.

Mark Bunn Podcast: HOW to take control of your health using 5 ancient wisdom pillars from Ayurvedic medicine.

In this episode, Sam discusses a unique approach to health with Mark Bunn. Mark is a leading health researcher, Ayurvedic Medicine and best-selling author of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health.

Together they explore topics such as fasting, sleep, the circadian rhythm, body type, sunlight, diet, and more, through the unique lens of Ayurvedic Medicine and philosophy.
Mark offers a refreshingly human perspective on our physical, and mental requirements in a world which fills our lives with the slowest killer: stress.

Space is strictly limited. Avoid disappointment book now.