The toughest man on earth with Australia’s toughest personal development coach. This will make headlines!


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This session will transform your mindset.

LEARN the one statement that changed his life.
LEARN the mindset to break out of your comfort zone.
LEARN his personal daily routine.
LEARN what he does to overcome ‘weak’ days.
LEARN how to identify and avoid haters and fakers.

This is NOT a session about Goggins’ life story – if you want that, read the book.
This is NOT a session about motivation – if you want that, watch YouTube!
This is NOT a session you will find in any podcast or any YouTube video!


This session will NEVER be released to the public. It contains proprietary content curated by A Higher Branch in partnership with Tom Panos.

Space is strictly limited. Avoid disappointment book now.

Tickets to Goggins speaking session ONLY are all SOLD OUT!

The Goggins Program


7:00AM Personal Training with David Goggins (Platinum Tickets only)

1:00PM Registration

2:00PM David Goggins FIRESIDE CHAT with Tom Panos: A WORLD-FIRST FORMAT exclusive front of stage in an intimate setting. Tom Panos is Australia’s leading personal development coach who has used a ‘Goggins-like’ mindset to conquer and beat cancer three times whilst maintaining his work as a personal development coach to Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and high achievers. Tom will be interviewing the world’s toughest man with a very unique format never done before. Be ready for some surprises.

3:30PM David Goggins Answers Your Questions: Get ready for the most explosive questions ever asked by a surprising list of people as David Goggins comes face to face with people in the audience whose lives have been completely transformed. This will be emotional.

4:00PM Premium High Tea including selection of energy boosting snacks.

4:00PM Personal Book Signing (VIP and Platinum Tickets holders)

4:30PM Personal Photo Opportunity (VIP and Platinum Tickets holders)

5:00PM Session Finish

6:00PM Meet & Greet Goggins at social event (Platinum ticket only)

10:00PM Dinner Finish

At this event you will learn

HOW to overcome obstacles and thrive
HOW to avoid drifting in the direction of your weaknesses
HOW to conquer a weak mind and develop fearlessness
HOW to outperform your competitors and dominate your industry
HOW to overcome past hurts and become emotionally tough
HOW to break the habit of making excuses.

And so much more.

Space is strictly limited. Avoid disappointment book now.

Space is strictly limited. Avoid disappointment book now.

Why this Event is Different?

Upgrade Your Life is a multi-sensory experience that happens only once a year every January – a time for review, reflection and planning. We are a not for profit event. We never try and sell you anything. Our sole mission is to teach you how to become your own life architect. We simply provide the blueprint.

With most other ‘motivational’ events you might get inspired and learn new ideas – but often this is pointless without a proven system to implement what you learn.

Ultimately, ideas and strategies are pointless if they have no context and a framework that supports your life goals.

Upgrade Your Life is designed around a unique framework that is proprietary to our academy. You may know our speakers and even read their books and heard them talk on YouTube BUT the way they deliver and engage at Upgrade Your Life is unprecedented. It is truly a unique experience you will not get anywhere else.

You will walk away with a level of clarity and confidence you’ve probably never had before.

Space is strictly limited. Avoid disappointment book now.