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Day 1

Saturday 25 January 2020
8.00 AM
Hyatt Regency Sydney

Registration: Pre-session plant-protein smoothies and barista coffee on arrival

Register for the event from 8.00 – 8.30am.

8.30 AM

Sam Makhoul – Founder, A Higher Branch

TOPIC: Introduction to speakers and event theme. Why systems for living are just as important as systems for working. VISION is not just about goals, it is about having CLARITY in all 8 areas of life. In this session you will learn HOW to design a compelling life plan for the year using the unique Higher Branch Framework so you can implement what you learn from all speakers over the 2 days.

9.30 AM

Dr Guy Winch – Best-selling author, practising psychologist NYC, & TED Speaker

Topic: How to overcome fear, anxiety and other ’emotional’ obstacles that stand between you and the life you want to live. This session is an absolute MUST for anyone looking to drive behavioural and identity change by arguably one of the most compelling and practical psychologists in the world.

10.30 AM

Jim Kwik - Global Expert on brain performance and coach to billionaires and celebrities

Part 1: The hacks and habits to upgrade your brains health and performance. In this session you will learn the latest health protocols to take care of your most precious asset – your brain.

11.30 AM

Lunch: Book Signing & Photo Opportunity with Dr Guy Winch and Jim Kwik

5-Star Food and Beverage, FULL buffet lunch including paleo, vegan, paleo and gluten free options.

12.30 PM

Jim Kwik – CEO and Founder of Kwik Learning and Kwik Brain Podcast

Part 2: LIMITLESS- How to Upgrade Your Brain & Learn Anything Faster

1.30 PM

Dr Jenn Mann – America’s Top Parenting Therapist, best-selling author and host of hit TV show “Family Therapy”

Topic: Family and Parenting.
Can you praise your children too much? Feeling guilt as a parent? In this session you will learn:
– How to get your children to make the right decisions.
– How to oscillate between being a parent and a friend
– How to raise emotionally intelligent children
– How to have family meetings
– How to avoid spoiling your children
– How to build self-esteem in teenagers

2.30 PM

Afternoon Break: Book Signing & Photo Opportunity with Jim Kwik, Dr Jenn Mann & Mark Bunn

5-Star Food and Beverage, afternoon premium high tea

3.00 PM

Tom Sullivan – Meditation Coach and Author of A Still Mind

Mindfulness practice – group meditation interlude

3.30 PM

Mark Bunn – Leading Researcher, Ayurvedic medicine and best-selling author of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

Topic: How to understand your unique Ayurvedic body type so you can maximise your diet, sleep, work success, relationships, stress management and more. Mark will outline how your body type influences all 8 areas of life and will help you make sense of popular bio-hacks such as fasting and ice-baths, some of which can be harmful for certain people. He will also teach a number of other enlightening ancient wisdoms of health.

5.00 PM


Finish Day One

6.30 PM

Dinner and Entertainment at the Calyx, The Royal Botanical Gardens (VIP & Platinum Tickets only)

Express yourself in your favourite 70’s inspired glittering attire and join us for a multi-sensory evening at The Calyx inside the world-famous Sydney Botanical Gardens. Experience mesmerising entertainment and vibrant food amid a backdrop of stunning living plants. This beautiful setting lends itself to costumes based on nature so be inspired to dress as a jungle/forest animal or a shimmering disco diva or be creative and mix the two together!

Day 2

Sunday 26 January 2020

David Goggins personal training session and personal photo opportunity + Ice-baths, Yoga and Meditation with world-leading instructors (Platinum Tickets only)

On the roof top of the Hyatt Regency Hotel

9.00 AM

Carl Honore – Award-winning Writer, Broadcaster and TED Speaker

TOPIC: How to grow (B)OLDER. In an era where bio-hacking is helping us live longer, our mindset to ageing is just as critical if not more so. Hot off the stage at TED, Carl takes a deeper dive into how we make the most of our longer lives and keep reinventing ourselves socially and professionally in all 8 areas of life. A MUST for all ages.

10.00 AM

Dr Jenn Mann – Columnist, Author, Psychology Expert and host of hit TV show “Couples Therapy”

Topic: Love and Relationships.
– Why a healthy relationship is important to your overall success.
– How do I invest in a relationship?
– What are the biggest issues that pop up in all relationships?
– Why it’s better and easier to fix a relationship rather than give up on it
– How to boost Lobito and intimacy when both partners are so busy
– How to avoid living separate lives but still give each other distance


Dr Guy Winch – Best-selling author, practising psychologist NYC, & TED Speaker

Topic: The Science of Identity For Behavioural Change
How to Fix a Broken Heart: When a partner moves on, there is inevitable heartbreak that impacts your ability to function in all 8 areas of life. But does there have to be heartbreak? Dr Guy Winch shares a very powerful antidote to this affliction to help you move on. This session will liberate you from the pain, past and present. A MUST for anyone that has EVER had their heart broken.

12.00 PM

Lunch: Book Signing & Photo Opportunity with Dr Jenn Mann, Carl Honore & Dr Guy Winch

5-Star Food and Beverage, FULL buffet lunch including paleo, vegan and gluten free options.

1.00 PM

Alessandra Edwards – Genetics-Based Peak Performance Coach

Topic: Warrior vs Worrier – how your genetics influences your resilience. Why people do well with stress and others crumble. In this session you will learn more about yourself than ever before through a series of unique diagnostics developed by Australia’s leading DNA-based performance expert. You will develop a tailored plan to build your stress tolerance and boost your life force in all 8 areas. A MUST for anyone with BIG ambitions wanting to do more.

2.00 PM

David Goggins, Author “Can’t Hurt Me” & Toughest Man on the Planet - includes FIRESIDE chat with Tom Panos

TOPIC: How to build resilience in all 8 areas of life, overcome any obstacle, decimate fear and develop the qualities of a warrior. REAL-RAW-CONFRONTNG. World-first format PLUS, Goggins comes face to face with people whose lives he has transformed. This is NOT a session about Goggins’ life story – if you want that, read the book. This is NOT a session about motivation – if you want that, watch YouTube! This is NOT a session you will find in any podcast. This session will NEVER be released to the public.

4.00 PM

Afternoon Break: Book Signing & Photo Opportunity with David Goggins, Tom Panos & Alessandra Edwards

5-Star Food and Beverage, afternoon premium high tea

5.00 PM


Finish Day Two

6:30 PM

Dinner and Entertainment on our own private 'island' summer party on Sydney Harbour (VIP & Platinum tickets only)

Mingle with our speakers on our own private ‘island’ summer party on Sydney Harbour. Enjoy fine food, world-class entertainment & spectacular fireworks to celebrate Australia Day. Theme: Palm Springs. Think pink flamingo’s, palm trees and pastel colours. More detail provided closer to the event.

Our Unique Framework

What are the elements of being a complete human? We believe it is made up of the 8 elements depicted in the diagram below.

Our philosophy is this: Your life force, as depicted by the Health circle in the middle, is made up of 4 energies. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Most people in the western world focus on the physical; e.g. diet and exercise. What they don’t realise is that the mental, emotional and spiritual energies are much more powerful; AND the SOURCE of those energies are the 7 elements of life that dance in the circle around your Health.

They are:

  • Love and Relationships (intimacy)
  • Family and parenting (support)
  • Work (fulfillment)
  • Friendship (belonging)
  • Learning (growth)
  • Wealth (freedom)
  • Charity (contribution)

There is a symbiotic relationship between all these areas of life. Fail in one and you will start to fail in the others. Success comes to those who define their success not in monetary terms but by how much time and energy they devote to each of these elements.

Our Speakers Work as a Team

Each of our speakers will be covering each of these elements. Together as a team they will give you the complete picture. Our framework is structured in three steps: DISCOVER – DOWNLOAD – DESIGN. You will use our unique workbook to design a life plan for 2020.