Tom Panos

Australia’s Leading Personal Development Coach

A Higher Branch is truly honoured to announce that Tom Panos will be presenting at Upgrade Your Life 2020. What makes Tom so special? Apart from his incredible bio below, Tom literally has a ‘never-say-die’ mindset to life and business that is prescriptive and can be replicated by everyone willing to follow his formula for overcoming any hardship. He has beaten cancer three times and lives with the daily threat of a fourth. But that does not stop him from giving 100% to his work, to his family and to the high performers he coaches. His perspective on life is truly unique. Don’t expect another motivational and inspiring talk. This man is about hard work, focus, never complaining, and will teach you how to outperform your competition with methods that he has developed over 30 years in business. He will teach you how to go from business chaser to business attractor and how to build a powerful personal brand that everyone will want to replicate. Most of all, he will teach you how to be fearless.
We call him the ‘Goggins’ of the corporate world, which is why he will also be interviewing the toughest man on earth, David Goggins in a real and raw exchange that will surely make world-wide headlines. “Goggins with Panos” – Not to be missed!


Tom is the founder of Real Estate Gym and consults to News Corp Australia. He is also a regular commentator on SKY News Business and Million Dollar Agent podcast on iTunes. He is an unforgettable keynote speaker who still makes time to doing what he has loved since the age of 22 – being one of Sydney’s leading Real Estate Auctioneers. He has also achieved extraordinary results professionally in senior executive roles, holds a Master’s Degree in Management, tertiary coaching qualification in coaching psychology from Sydney University and is the author of a number of business professional development programs. This makes him one of the most experienced coaches in Australia who lives what he teaches. His weekly Sunday Night Rant on social media has thousands of viewers from around the world.
This Bio is NOT what makes him so special. Tom is most known for his impact on others. He has the uncanny ability to get the best out of the people he coaches. He is considered by industry leaders as Australasia’s #1 personal development coach. The top 1% of real estate agents in Australia have all been coached by him, along with countless others across all industries. He utilises highly effective and proprietary business models, scripts, systems, processes, and marketing strategies that can help you transform your brand and business, whether you work for yourself or others. If you follow his methods and adopt his mindset, you will get incredible results!

Tom at AREC2019 sharing Scripts & Dialogues to help become a 7 figure Real Estate Agent!