Tom Sullivan is a Meditation Coach and Author of A Still Mind

We are excited to announce that Tom Sullivan, has joined the Higher Branch faculty as our Meditation Coach. Tom is a meditation teacher based in Sydney with over 10 years’ experience, studying, practicing and teaching meditation. He brings a unique and accessible brand of meditation that is completely aligned to the holistic framework pioneered by our Academy.
And he has the uncanny ability to guide beginners in a practical way that caters to any hectic lifestyle. His own experience in balancing a corporate role with a long-term meditation practice makes him the perfect fit for our community.

At Upgrade Your Life 2019, Tom Sullivan, meditation coach, rocked the room with stillness when he performed group meditation for over 200 people at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sydney. It was incredible. See it for yourself here.

Space is strictly limited. Avoid disappointment book now.

Why this Event is Different?

Upgrade Your Life is a multi-sensory experience that happens only once a year every January – a time for review, reflection and planning. We are a not for profit event. We never try and sell you anything. Our sole mission is to teach you how to become your own life architect. We simply provide the blueprint.

With most other ‘motivational’ events you might get inspired and learn new ideas – but often this is pointless without a proven system to implement what you learn.

Ultimately, ideas and strategies are pointless if they have no context and a framework that supports your life goals.

Upgrade Your Life is designed around a unique framework that is proprietary to our academy. You may know our speakers and even read their books and heard them talk on YouTube BUT the way they deliver and engage at Upgrade Your Life is unprecedented. It is truly a unique experience you will not get anywhere else.

You will walk away with a level of clarity and confidence you’ve probably never had before.

Tom Sullivan Podcast

Meditation has been hailed as the most potent superpower humans possess. But why do so few of us spend time on this ancient ritual that has been the same for thousands of years? In this podcast we take a shallow dive into the world of meditation, it’s benefits, why it’s so hard and how you can start slowly; by my favourite meditation coaches, Tom Sullivan – the new author of, A STILL MIND – to be released in January at Upgrade Your Life 2020. We discuss such things as:

  • How two years of meditation practice helps you look 7-15 years younger.
  • How meditation takes you out of your head and into your body to stimulate creativity and sensuality.
  • Includes a guided meditation by Tom, who has one of the most soothing voices on the planet.

Space is strictly limited. Avoid disappointment book now.

Stay tuned for his new book, A Still Mind due out soon

A sage little guide for busy people who want to develop their own daily ritual of meditation and mindfulness practice. It is designed for modern living and provides easy to follow techniques to boost your performance in all areas of life.

Space is strictly limited. Avoid disappointment book now.